Toini Løvseth, PhD

Partner - Oslo

Energy and climate policy, regulations and strategy

Toini has over 20 years’ experience in maneuvering in the energy, climate and industrial political landscape. She joined Bolt after heading the Norwegian renewables industry´s work on energy markets through  the political hurdles during the pandemic and the European energy crisis. She has been involved in several of the most important policy processes within European energy and climate policy the last decade, leading processes and projects to develop, change or take advantage of policy in this rapidly changing landscape. This includes hands on development and implementation of energy and carbon sourcing strategies, including state aid.

She was Nordic Energy Director in Alcoa, Executive Director energy markets in Renewables Norway, and has broad board experience, specialising in high policy impact companies.

She holds a doctoral degree (Dr. Polit) in politcal science, comparative political economy, from the University of Tromsø. 

Personal motto

“I am in revolt of the age-old lie that the majority is always right” 





Phone: +47 99400306



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