Our Approach



A bolder way

Senior-Led Consultancy Firm

At BOLDT our clients have direct access to some of Europe’s most experienced strategic communications consultants. The BOLDT partners bring unparalleled experience to work for our clients: We have all guided business and political leaders as senior advisors through complex, high-pressure and high-profile situations. We are also joined by some of the brightest and most talented consultants you can find. Put us to work on your opportunities and challenges and you’ll benefit from a combined international experience that is second to none.

Our Promise

Whether shaping legislation, supporting organisational change, delivering sustainable growth with purpose, or managing reputation and crises, our strategic counsel makes the difference. We help companies and organisations navigate the nexus between politics and populism and the growing expectations of stakeholders. We address business strategy and communications together – and we believe the right combination will deliver transformational change.

Our Approach

The traditional agency model is broken. We know because many of us led these agencies at the highest levels.

We founded BOLDT to give leaders direct access to counsellors with bold ideas, even bolder solutions and real records of achievement.

There’s no pretence and pageantry with us. No legacies or bloated bureaucracy. We’re 100% focused on our core purpose: delivering transformations for our clients with BOLDT strategy and communication.

Our Network

BOLDT’s clients benefit not only from our unique expertise in Europe, but also through our worldwide network of strategic partners and senior advisors . Our global reach provides clients with a  strategic network of counsellors spanning Europe, the United States, and Latin America. We also have more informal partnerships with advisers across Asia, the Middle East and Africa.