Our Approach & Commitments



A bolder way

The traditional agency model is broken. We know because many of us led these agencies at the highest levels. We founded BOLDT to give leaders direct access to counsellors with bold ideas, even bolder solutions and real records of achievement. 

There’s no pretence and pageantry with us. No legacies or bloated bureaucracy. We’re 100% focused on our core purpose: delivering transformations for our clients with BOLDT strategy, communication and technology.  

Experience, it’s decisive

Our instincts were honed from years navigating some of the toughest issues for business and government on a global scale. Now with BOLDT, we bring this unprecedented level of insight and awareness to your most important decisions.

The BOLDT Model: our structured way to your success

Our methodology enables balanced business transformation: it helps you find the necessary changes to business strategy, communications strategy and technology – and how to synchronise them for maximum impact

Our Commitments

We align Strategy

We focus on aligning business strategies with communication strategies to maximise market, brand, employer and reputational value.

We drive sustainable transformation

We can add most in the context of transformational change: transformation of an industry, business or organisation. We focus on making these transformations successful and sustainable.

We optimise communications

We help transform the ways our clients engage and communicate and the channels and technologies they use.

We are purpose-led

Whether it is to shape legislation, navigate a crisis, change a business model or deliver sustainable growth, we help our clients create strategies with impact – and that live up to their organisation’s purpose.

We challenge 

Clients will work and partner with some of the most senior and ideas driven people in the industry who will challenge business and communications strategies when needed.

We bring collective power

Regardless of which partner clients work with, the approach and solutions will be those of the partnership as a whole. All clients will have access to the collective experience, creativity and ideas-pool of the partnership.

We work with speed and dedication

We mobilise quickly when the stakes are high. Our winning strategies will galvanise the right resources at the right time. We measure ourselves by the impact we have on your business. If you win, we win.

We have a core of creativity

Creativity is at the centre of everything we do: bold ideas, bold campaigns and bold use of today’s new technologies. We provide out-of-the-box solutions tailored to your needs.

We invest in our people

Our partnership will transform the careers of the people who work with us, they will be challenged, mentored and consulted on key decisions affecting the partnership and will participate financially in our success.

We value transparency 

We partner with clients who share our commitment to transparency, honesty, non-discrimination and human rights.