Being the ‘voice’ of an organisation takes enormous skill as well as constant practice. Communication skills need to be developed and honed on an on-going basis. We train business and political leaders to engage powerfully and effectively in any format.

Realise the power of your voice

Learn to use your voice to shape opinions, influence behaviour and guide outcomes. Discover how to tell stories with authenticity and charisma. Get trained on how to effectivity answer the tough questions, not avoid them. Learn strategies to engage with critics and cynics and pivot to more productive dialogue. 


Speak in any format with influence

We develop and refine your communication skills in any format. From one-on-ones to large groups, from formal to informal, and from traditional to social media. Decisive to your training experience are the former journalists, political advisers, and business leaders on our team. Their decades of experience make the BOLDT difference.

Other bespoke training areas

We develop bespoke trainings for business leaders in other areas including: stakeholder engagement, crisis management, media interviews, messaging and more.

BOLDT to action.

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