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BOLDT offers a full-suite of capabilities, including advising companies on their ongoing communications and engagement with the investment community, IPOs, transactions, leadership transitions and reputational and crisis management.


IPOs are an important milestone, but also a  distraction, requiring precious management attention at a time when, by definition, the company is seeing growth opportunities. We know that every company is different and your story is yours alone. We help companies develop that difference into a robust and sustainable investment proposition. We work with companies throughout the process to build awareness, increase your exposure with key stakeholder audiences and help you to build trust in advance of listing. 


BOLDT offers communications support on a broad range of transactions, including: traditional M&A and other financial undertakings. Our experts develop and execute tailored communication strategies to maximize impact and garner stakeholder support for the transaction.


BOLDT works closely with clients to provide an integrated offering to manage the entire leadership transition process, from helping identifying the right leader to positioning and communications with internal and external stakeholders. 


When a crisis emerges, the fallout can be swift and merciless. We deliver full-scale tactical and strategic counsel to restore calm and eventually get back to business ensuring lessons learned. From creating a war room and leading media relations to reputation repair, we provide 360° global support wherever and whenever you need it



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