European Green Deal

The European Green Deal has been published and BOLDT is well positioned to advise companies on the best ways to navigate the EU’s labyrinthine structures. Please click here to learn more about how BOLDT can help you.

Impacts & Opportunities

On 11th December, the European Commission published The European Green Deal, essentially its multi-generational vision on sustainability, with a strategy for achieving zero emissions and zero pollution by 2050. President von der Leyen described the Green Deal to the European Parliament as Europe’s ‘… man on the moon moment.’  It is the window of opportunity to capitalise on public enthusiasm for the green agenda and the key deliverable of the newly-installed 2019-2024 Commission. Hugely ambitious in scope, it proposes to deliver a draft Climate Law within the first 100 days which will enshrine the 2050 climate neutrality objective with a plan for how to increase the 2030 climate target to a minimum of 50% and towards 55%. 

In an Annex to the Communication, the Commission includes a timeline outlining the various legislative proposals for achieving its stated objectives. These will impact many industrial sectors – agriculture, food, energy, construction, chemicals, among others – and require significant investment to realise. The Commission will also publish an EU industrial strategy in March 2020 as well as a Circular Economy Plan focusing on resource intensive industries and different initiatives to stimulate lead markets for climate neutral and circular products in energy intensive industrial sectors. The Deal proposes a Green Financing Strategy by mid-2020 and a package of legislative proposals on how to achieve the 2030 emissions targets by 2021. 


Immediate Next Steps

Each of the Green Deal initiatives will be accompanied by a roadmap into which industry and other stakeholder input is necessary. This is the opportunity for sectors which will potentially be impacted by the proposals to engage with the Commission services from the very beginning to ensure i) that your business is not unduly penalised and ii) to position your company as being committed to playing a key role in helping the EU achieve its climate-neutral ambitions.     

The political pressure for the Commission to deliver on the Green Deal is enormous. President von der Leyen has invested much of the institution’s political capital in achieving the Deal’s objectives; the timeline is ambitious and work has already begun on preparing the legislative proposals.  Given the impact, sensitivity and ambitious nature of its plan, it is critical that companies begin to engage the Commission to ensure their voice is heard and positions considered as legislation is drafted.  BOLDT is well-positioned to advise companies  on the best ways to navigate the EU’s labyrinthine structures. We know exactly whom to approach and the optimal times for this to ensure your voice is heard.We are experts at guiding companies through the complex EU institutional landscape, with our senior-led team of professionals with established networks in the Commission, Parliament and Council.

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