Political Campaigning

What happens when your business gets caught up in politics? We connect you the influential decision-makers to make your case and engage with them, change opinions and ultimately transform outcomes.

The route to political persuasion

Not everything in politics is political. The route to success requires building a highly persuasive economic and legal case based on the relevant insights. Armed with this analysis, we can begin the journey to make your case to decision-makers with power and persuasion. We ensure your voice is heard with clarity and impact by using media engagement, social strategy and creative tactics and materials.


Navigating the corridors of power

At BOLDT we know what motivates political decisions. Many of us have been politicians ourselves or worked for government, shaping key legislation across policy areas. We know how to break through and mobilise supporters for a cause in the corridors of power. From the national level to the EU, EFTA and international organisations, we build alliances to ensure decision makers hear from a multitude of organisations, including unexpected allies of your cause.

Counselling governments

We regularly counsel political leaders and governments on their strategic positioning at home and abroad. We advise on issues that affect country brand, geopolitical influence, economic success and public support. Our engagement extends also to communication campaigns to protect and enhance reputations.

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