Anja Kroll

Director - Zürich

Organisational change management, corporate culture, CEO communication, content management, digital & social media strategy

Anja has been working for over a decade in the insurance and energy sectors as a communications leader and company spokesperson. She has a strong background in strategy development, digital transformation, innovation and content management. Anja also has deep experience in complex diversity and corporate social responsibility issues. 

Prior to joining BOLDT, Anja was responsible for CEO and strategy communications at AXA Germany. She started her career with a background in journalism at RTL, a broadcast company. Later she worked at a communications agency and in Public Relations in the solar technology sector. Anja holds an MBA in Communication & Leadership from Quadriga University Berlin.

Personal motto

“A world constructed from the familiar is the world in which there’s nothing to learn.” (Eli Pariser, The Filter Bubble)




Phone: +41 788 317 875



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